Even Management can be Flexible

2nd Quarter 2017

At Supply Chain Services, one of the key attributes of our culture is collaboration. Collaboration across departments, seniors with juniors, admin with sales, sales with IT, IT with OEMs, admin with collections – all in pursuit of helping customers operate better. What works best is face-to-face collaboration. Yet many of our staff have been asking for flexible hours; working from home; starting earlier or later, finishing at different times. While these would facilitate a better match to personal needs, they would potentially compromise our collaboration needs.

We listened and we heard and we said, we can change. In March, we tried out a flexible start time approach. Allowing work to begin between 7 and 9am, people and their supervisors decided a best fit between wants and needs for each individual. What few issues occurred were easily resolved and we started Flexible Start Time the first of April. A small step in moving our culture in the right direction (yep, I too had to accept that certain things just would no longer happen at 7:30am or 6pm) but a big step toward becoming a great place to work.