Expanding Your Product Offering – Internal Hurdles are Higher Than You Think

2nd Quarter 2018

One of the hallmarks of a successful Value Added Reseller (VAR) is the ability to take on new products. Doing so starts out being pretty straightforward: new product, new tech support training, new marketing activity, new selling skills, new pricing decisions but preferably the same customers. But if it’s also new technology, a startup OEM with no VAR experience and a new department within your existing customer base, then the path to success is brutal. One might even wonder “are you out of your mind?” Well, we are in the middle of such a gamble right now and the truly big surprise is not all those things but the resistance of the internal team to taking the risk. Mostly the pushback is the easy one – put the same investment in the current core and the returns will be better, faster and easier. I wonder…stay tuned.