A Great Finish is Tough to Follow

4th Quarter 2018

Supply Chain’s customers were good to us in the fourth quarter; many accelerating ship dates into 2018 along with others placing last minute orders that had to be shipped by year end.  As a result, we enjoyed another record year. Employees are happy. They all earned a bonus.

And then the calendar turned. Last night’s euphoria is today’s hangover. The cupboard of orders seems bare and the opportunity pipeline feels like we are starting a business from scratch. What a discouraging feeling!

But we forget that we experienced this last year and the year before and the year before that, etc. Still, we’ve grown every year since we began almost two decades ago. It’s all about a positive attitude, about confidence that the sun will come up and customers new and old will be there. It’s knowing that we really do HELP CUSTOMERS OPERATE BETTER and that need never stops.

So on to another new year!