Learning from Onboarding New Employees

2nd Quarter 2016

Four new employees joined us last month, the first in what we expect to be a continuing flow of new folks this year. Despite our history of regularly adding people to meet our growth plans, we needed a better onboarding process to ensure outstandingly great initial impressions. In improving and implementing that process, here’s what we learned.

  1. Rigorous planning and implementation deliver excellent results. (duh, no surprise)
  2. Rigorous preparation is never rigorous enough; after each new employee arrival we learned we had still missed something.
  3. Detailed tasks and sign off sheets are necessary, not only for the first day, but for at least the first 90 days.
  4. New employee feedback has told us a lot about who we are and how we present ourselves. Fortunately, the feedback showed us that we are who we say we are and our collaborative culture is alive and well.
  5. Each employee has brought his/her own perspectives on who we are, and with that, new ideas will be absorbed.

No surprises here. However, it does emphasize the obvious: new people bring new ideas that will inevitably change the culture. As always, we will ensure those changes favor Helping Customers Operate Better.