The OEM Territory Rep: Your Best Friend

3rd Quarter 2014

Being a solutions integration VAR means you live at the intersection of your customer, your distributor, the ISV and your OEM. Thus you frequently find yourself playing the role of traffic cop where the rules in each direction are regularly changing or simply being ignored. Now a cop is supposed to know and enforce the rules. How can you enforce something that is ever changing? Well the best answer is to rely on the OEM rep. The good OEM reps know which rules apply to which customers, how to play with the ISV and what channel rights you can enforce and what you have to forego. In other words the OEM rep better be your best friend.

This is a lesson that we relearn at every engagement. It’s so easy to think you are in control; after all you are playing by the rules of the most recent engagement and assume those still apply. And yet every engagement is different. While not a foolproof approach, collaborating with the OEM rep each time, every time is the best way to learn the local rules and how the traffic will behave at the intersection. Not doing so is a sure fire way to create an accident…one in which the cop gets run over!