Remember That Old Joke About the Dog Chasing a Bus?

4th Quarter 2017

That joke finishes with “…the worst thing that could happen is you catch it!”

Well we pursued Visuascan in Montreal for nearly a year and finally closed the deal on August 31st. That’s when we realized that all we had done to that point was to finish the beginning. All the hard work of integrating Visuasan into Supply Chain Services’ culture was just starting. Visuascan is a great group of people who well service the Quebec market for bar code scanning equipment and labels. Their expertise in bar code label printing brings new expertise to the company. However they needed an influx of resources and ideas to expand their market presence as well as an overhaul of some outdated IT systems and processes to facilitate growth. While we have been doing just that at Supply Chain for the past seven years, accomplishing that with a new team requires a whole new level of commitment and time. And doing that in a different language and a different country is daunting.

The outlook is encouraging. They too believe strongly in customer service and adding value. They have heartily bought in to our collaborative approach to “helping customers operate better” and are already making positive changes to do just that. We are delighted we finally caught this bus!