Thoughts on the Final Four

1st Quarter 2019

The NCAA Final Four was here in Minneapolis last week; three terrific games that were fought down to the last second and, in the case of the final, even more seconds. The games represented great talent, diligent preparation, devoted followers and a bit of luck at the crucial closing moment. Just like selling. When we are in pursuit of an opportunity to Help a Customer Operate Better it takes all those same ingredients to win. But most of all it takes the will and determination to play to the very end. Twice Virginia could have lost, very respectably, at the very last second. But they never gave up. You can’t teach or prepare for that. You must have the toughness to play through. In selling it’s the same: competitors’ responses, customers’ priorities and needs, and OEM’s positioning can change throughout a pursuit. In the end, the winning team brings the perseverance/stamina/toughness to close.