Turning Yawners into Dragon Slayers

3rd Quarter 2015

The company’s strategic planning team met last month for a mid-year progress review and to brainstorm initiatives for 2016-2017. While preparing for these sessions sucks up a lot of time, it always amazes me how much we accomplish by doing them.  We always start by reviewing our purpose, our objective, the strategy that will achieve that objective and the tactics that comprise that strategy. You would think these would be truly “yawners” as we all can recite them by rote. But it reminds us all why we are here.

Then a single question at this point turns the group into caffeine injected debaters. The ensuing “collaborative discussion” always brings more clarity and meaning to what could be just hackneyed words. The level of ownership goes up and the resistance to sharing personal feeling drops.

Then…we become a real team.