Well the Inevitable Bump in the Road Finally Happened

1st Quarter 2017

While we grew modestly last year, it was the first year since the recession that we were off our internal targets. So halfway through the year, after learning the barcode market in general was slower, we adjusted our target to be more in line with reality. But even as late as October, that adjusted number looked unreachable.

So what happened? On their own, the sales and IT leaders got together with the administration and shipping teams, built an opportunity by opportunity priority list, put everything else aside and communicated to the company what we had to do to achieve the 2016 target. The result was electrifying! Suddenly there was a clear plan of who had to do what and how we would respond to customer needs. Attitudes around the office turned from discouragement to can-do. Folks started openly sharing their needs that matched the priorities instead of holding back. By December 31, we hit the target and the office was full of excitement; high fives and “we did it” all around.

What was the difference? Collaboration without questioning.