Repair Service Request

To request repair service for your barcode scanners, barcode printers, or handheld data collection computers, please use the e-RMA button above if you are an existing repair service customer. Otherwise submit a request through our web site, contact your Supply Chain Services sales representative, email us at, or call us at 1-866-205-4310 ext 5.

Registering to use Supply Chain Service’s e-RMA system is fast, easy and free!

The e-RMA tool for barcode scanner, barcode printer & rugged mobile computer repairs facilitates the repair process for Supply Chain Service’s registered repair customers.

Using a web-based, electronic interface for submitting and receiving repaired product has allowed customers to enjoy fast and paper-free product returns for repair and maintenance. The benefits of using e-RMA are clear: faster repair turnaround, reduced paper waste, a reduction in product return errors, and overall automation of the return/repair process.

e-RMA 3.0 offers several enhancements to e-RMA’s existing automated electronic repair process. We asked our registered e-RMA customers for feedback and input on ways we could make e-RMA even better.  Version 3.0 reflects many of those suggestions, resulting in an enhanced version that should provide even greater value to our registered users.

Highlights of e-RMA 3.0 include
Automated “Forgot Password” Function

Customers will now receive an automated email to the registered e-RMA email address with a forgotten password within 1 hour, 24/7. Prior to 3.0, forgotten passwords were retrieved via phone calls to Supply Chain Services, which could only be resolved during office hours and upon speaking with a Supply Chain Services representative. This new feature vastly accelerates the e-RMA process by eliminating the wait for voice mails to be received and calls returned, thus allowing customers 24/7 access to retrieving forgotten passwords and for utilizing e-RMA.

Elimination of Multiple Emails Upon Shipment

Currently a separate email is generated each time a device’s serial number is scanned in the shipping section of the Repair Center Portal. This can be a nuisance for customers with multiple units being shipped on the same day. In e-RMA 3.0, a single email will be generated which summarizes all the devices and their serial numbers for that specific shipment, with one single tracking number. This will significantly reduce unnecessary email clutter for customers and also remove the potential for confusion on product shipments.

Serial Number Barcodes Added to e-RMA

New to e-RMA 3.0 is the ability for the customer to print a shipping label provided by the e-RMA website which includes a packing list of the units included. This label also includes a barcode for each serial number to allow for easy inventory of units when they arrive at the repair center. This feature will enhance accuracy and facilitate swift repair processing and product return.

Elimination of e-RMA Requests for Serial Numbers Already Issued

Currently e-RMAs can be created for any assets which are still on open e-RMAs, even if they’ve already been received for repair but not yet shipped back. With e-RMA 3.0 the potential for this duplication is eliminated, preventing the possibility of duplicate repair requests being issued for a single serial number due to a yet-open e-RMA.

“We’re pleased to offer our registered repair customers with these e-RMA enhancements in Version 3.0. We continue to listen to our customers needs and concerns for ways to improve our e-RMA process, and look forward to introducing new customers to the benefits of our automated e-RMA tool.”
Chief Operating Officer at Supply Chain Services