Best practices to maximize data collection impact

At their core, automatic identification (AutoID) technologies provide enhanced visibility and control over operations and improve business processes in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing. By having more accurate and continuous data through AutoID technologies such as barcode, radio frequency identification (RFID) and mobile computing, users become more agile and responsive to real-time information. While these business benefits and value propositions are clear, it is with choice among AutoID technologies and capable solution providers that end users traditionally struggle. End users need help in navigating continuous AutoID technology innovation and convergence. As a result, end users actively seek trusted solutions partners, with full domain expertise, that possess the resources and value-added services and expertise to deliver a successful AutoID deployment. This dynamic has given rise to the concept of holistic AutoID fusion and is fundamentally changing how enterprises approach AutoID system specification, selection and implementation. Learn more about the impact this makes in the below whitepaper.