Data collection solutions are no longer optional

In this paper we explore how data collection solutions are evolving and how these types of solutions are becoming inherent to every company. 

Competing in the new millenia, given the increasing challenges of a global economy, companies must improve their decision to support capabilities to manage the supply chain more precisely and productively in real time. Decisions are only as good as the information they're based on. And information is only as good as the data it is composed of. In the Connected Age, supply chains are evolving to smart supply networks with systems and personnel that are always connected, always on and always mobile. The smart supply network is driven by data feeding enterprise applications and business analytics to enable synchronized decisions to support the optimal flow of goods throughout the network. Automated data collection technology provides for the electronic capture of data in a variety of functions and transactions eliminating nearly 100 percent of the errors associated with manual data capture, while improving the productivity of the data collection process. 

Read this paper to learn how adding data collection solutions can help improve effectiveness in your operation.