Multi-modal data collection

Leveraging technologies to drive automation in warehouse and distribution center (DC) environments has been a consistent theme over the past couple of decades. Driven by the need for more efficient material handling and overall supply chain process solutions such as bar code data collection, RFID, mobile computers, wireless networks powered by warehouse management software have combined to support more seamless warehouse operations.  

While the demise of warehousing has been predicted on numerous occasions – largely as a consequence of practices such as just in time (JIT), direct store delivery (DSD) and quick response – the reality is that warehouses continue to play a pivotal role in today’s supply chain processes. What is happening however, is that warehouses are evolving from glorified storage centers into a new breed of technically sophisticated warehouse and DC service providers. 

At the end of the day, the primary role of the warehouse and DC is providing the right product at the right time to the right customer all at a competitive cost. Given the nature of warehouse operations, there are a multitude of ways to measure performance. Continuing reading more about driving new levels of warehouse efficiencies in the white paper below.