Selecting the wearable that will deliver maximum value in your enterprise environment

The use of wearable computers continues to rise in enterprise applications, as the technology has evolved from an interesting concept to a deployable application with tangible business benefits. In fact, according to Venture Data Corporation (VDC), wearable computers represent the fastest growing segment in the small rugged computing market, outperforming the rugged PDA and handheld market with a 36 percent increase from 2006 to 2007 —more than double the growth in the PDA/handheld sector (16%).  

Companies — including global retailers, pharmaceutical and grocery distributors and parcel handling giants — realize that hands-free computing can empower workers to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and accuracy in package handling and warehouse applications. 

However, choosing the right wearable solution can be a challenge. This paper helps demystify the process by examining key criteria for evaluating wearable computers and exploring the ways enterprise organizations can ensure they reap maximum benefit from their investment.