Ready-for-Action Uncle VC8300

Ready-for-Action Uncle VC8300

  • Dust and waterproof thanks to IP66 sealing.
  • Rugged keyboard and touchscreen facilitate warehouse modernization.
  • Frost and condensation resistant with 5%-95% RH condensing.
  • Preinstalled Inventi Velocity runs green-screen apps right of the box.
  • Seamless OS migration achieved through All-Touch Terminal Emulation, Zebra’s.
  • exclusive green-screen app converter.
  • Reliable sustained connectivity hosted by preinstalled WorryFree WiFi

Meet the Brothers: Tough and Tougher

Meet the next generation of mobile computers, crafted to maximize production with minimal interruption. Equipped with the best business platform and application support, our family of mobile computers can increase your productivity in any environment.

Tougher Big Bro MC9300

Tougher Big Bro MC9300

  • New ultra-rugged design guarantees functionality in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Long-range scanner captures data as far as 70 feet.
  • 8x more RAM memory plus faster processor.
  • Powered with security and OS updates that keep up with technological advancements.
  • WorryFree WiFi delivers sustained connectivity throughout every shift.
  • User-friendly features such as larger and updated sensitive touchpad.
Tough Little Bro MC3300

Tough Little Bro MC3300

  • Equipped with 4 grip formats: pistol-grip, turret with rotating head, straight at 0 degrees, or 45 degree scan.
  • Long-range scanner captures data as far as 70 feet.
  • Scan multiple barcodes with just one trigger pull.
  • Withstanding 5-foot drops, screens come with scratch-resistant Gorilla-glass.
  • Push-to-talk features powered by Workforce Connect WiFi.

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